Xingkai Lake

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Located in Mishan and a body of water on the Sino-Russian border, Xingkai Lake is 90 km long from east to west and 50 km wide from north to south. It lies in a low area with a large marshland in the north. The lake is a natural swimming pool with a flat lakebed, clear water, fine sand, and abundant sunshine, which make it an ideal summer resort.

The lake was formed after a volcanic eruption in ancient times. "Xingkai" means “water flowing from high to low place” in the Manchurian language. The oval-shaped lake takes water from nine streams and drains from one that flows into the Wusuli River. There is also a Lesser Xingkai Lake to the north. Between the two lakes there is a 1,000-meter-long sand dike, and the two become one in high tide.

Xingkai Lake and migratory birds, Heilongjiang