Penglai Pavilion

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Built in 1061, the sixth year of Jiayou reign period in Northern Song Dynasty(960-1127), the Penglai Pavilion is a famous coastal tourist site in Shandong. It is seated on the cliff of Danya Hill by the sea in the north of Penglai City.

The Penglai Pavilion is listed as one of the four famous pavilions in China, together with the Yellow Crane Tower in Hubei, Yueyang Tower in Hunan and Prince Teng's Pavilion in Jiangxi. Its ground floor measures 14.8 m long and and 9.65 m wide, with winding corridors and 16 columns. The second floor is 13.5 m in length and 8.55 m in width, surrounded by winding corridors, wooden fencing guardrails and 16 columns.