Manchuria Rehabilitation Agreement

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The Manchuria Rehabilitation Agreement was signed on December 22, 1905 in Beijing after nearly 35 days of negotiations between Qing Government representatives Yikuang, Qu Hongji, Yuan Shikai and Japanese ambassador Uchida Kosai and Komura Jutaro. The agreement had three clauses and 12 appendixes.

The main content of the agreement included:

1. The Qing Government (1644-1911) agreed to the rights endorsed to Japan by the Treaty of Portsmouth, negotiated between Japan and Russia.

2. China opened 16 cities, including Fenghuangcheng, Liaoyang, Xinmintun, Tieling, Tongjiangzi, Fakumen in Fengtian (now called Liaoning Province), Changchun, Jilin, Harbin, Ningguta, Huichun, Sanxing in Jilin Province and Qiqihar, Hailar, Aihui and Manchuria in Heilongjiang Province, as trade ports.

3. Japan was allowed to cut trees on the right bank of Yalu River.

4. Japan was allowed to continue operation of the military railway from Andong to Fengtian.

5. Japan had Yingkou, Andong and Fengtian as its concession.