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Location within China

Located in the central region of Northeast Asia and at the north-eastern tip of China, Heilongjiang, lies at higher latitudes compared with all other provinces of China.It is named after the largest of the border rivers between Russia and China -the Heilongjiang River.

Heilongjiang has a border line of 3,045 kilometers, with the northern and eastern regions of the province facing Russia across the Heilongjiang River and the Wusuli River; covering an area of 454,000 kilometers.

Heilongjiang ranks sixth in size among China 's provinces and accounts for 4.7 percent of the country's total land area .In terms of land utilization, Heiliongjiang is top of the country.

The climate of Heilongjiang is one of moderate temperate zone with continental monsoons.

Heilongjiang Province administers 13 cities (prefectures) and 66 counties (including county level cities), and one national minority. Harbin , a young and open modern city, is the capital of Heilongjiang Province and its political, economic and cultural center.

The province has a population of 37.92 million, consisting of 51 ethnic nationalities in addition to the Han people, including Manchu, Korean, Mongolian and Hezhe.




Heilongjiang is located in North China between east longitude 121° 13' - 135° 05' and north latitude 43° 22' - 53° 24' as a part of the frigid and temperate zone. It has a common boundary with Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Jilin Province. Its northern border is on the southeast of the Russian Federation.

Natual resources

Heilongjiang Province not only has rich soil resources with a large quantity of cultivated land which takes the first place in China, but also has rich, good quality water resources for agriculture, industry and human consumption. Heilongjiang has a great deal of forest coverage, many kinds of biological resources and rich mineral resources. The petroleum resources in Heilongjiang are the largest in China. The Daqing Oil Field is not only the biggest one in China, but also is one of the few large oil fields in the world. As the one of the ten largest coalfield bases, the amount of its reserves, output and export all play important roles in China. Heilongjiang is also rich in some other mineral resources such as gold and lead.