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Liu Liu (六六)

Liu Liu (六六) is the pseudonym of Zhang Xin (张辛), a contemporary Chinese feminist writer. Her main works include "Wang Gui and An Na," "Double-Sided Adhesive Tape," and "Snail House," all of which carry similar themes on family ethics and socially sensitive issues.

Zhang was born in Hefei, Anhui Province, in 1974. Her father is a professor at Anhui University, and her mother is from Shanghai. She graduated from the Department of International Trade at Anhui University in 1995 and worked at a foreign trade company for several years. In 1999, Zhang has lived in Singapore with her husband, working in preschool education. The couple also has spent part of their time traveling around the world. They have a son.

Zhang began her writing career in 1997. She became famous in 2003 when her novel "Wang Gui and An Na" was published. The novel focuses on the relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Her novels "Double-sided Adhesive Tape," published in 2005 about family ethics, and "Snail House," published in 2007 about sexual relations and housing shortage in cities, have both been adapted for TV series and triggered debate on socially sensitive issues.

Zhang's writing style is humorous and full of wit. She has become a representative of feminist Chinese writers living abroad, after Eileen Chang and Hong Ying.

"Character is destiny, and the destiny of every woman in fact lies in her own hands," Zhang said in an interview with the Strait News in 2007.


《王贵与安娜》 Wang Gui and An Na (2003)

《双面胶》 Two-Sided Adhesive Tape (2005)

《蜗居》 Snail House (2007)

《浮世绘》 Ukiyo-e (2009)

《心术》 Intention (2010)

Collection of Prose

《温柔啊温柔》 Gentle Ah Gentle (2006)

《仙蒂瑞拉的主妇生涯》 Cinderella's Housewife Life (2008)

《偶的日记》 My Dairy (2008)


《妄谈与疯话》 Absurd talks and wild remarks (2010)