Hong Ying

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Hong Ying

Hong Ying (Chinese: 虹影) is a contemporary poet, writer and leading exponent of China’s feminist literature.

Her best known works include the novels—"Daughter of the River," "K: the Art of Love," "Summer of Betrayal" and "Lord of Shanghai," and her anthology of poems, which includes "The Quiet Tiger."

Born in Chongqing in 1962, Hong started to write at 18. She spent 10 years travelling all around the country, publishing poems and short stories. She also studied briefly at Lu Xun Academy in Beijing and Shanghai’s prestigious Fudan University. In 1991, Hong moved to London and settled there as a writer. Nine years later, she returned to Beijing.

In her novels, Hong usually silhouettes her characters against historic backgrounds such as World War II or the Cultural Revolution. She tends to depict the marginalized people in contemporary China.