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Liu Huan, musician and pop singer.

Liu Huan (刘欢) is a professor with the University of International Business and Economics. He is also a noted musician and pop singer in the Chinese mainland. Liu was most recently chosen to act as one of the four judges on "The Voice of China" (中国好声音), a surprisingly popular singing talent show which has aired on Zhejiang Satellite TV since July 13, 2012.

Born on Aug. 26, 1963 into a teacher's family in Tianjin, Liu enrolled at the University of International Relations in Beijing in 1981, majoring in French literature. He was retained at the university as a faculty member after graduation in 1985. He won two first prizes in Beijing's first-ever university English and French singing contests in 1985. He lived in Shizuishan, a remote area in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, in 1985-1986 to help promote local education by teaching music. He was appointed a professor with the University of International Business and Economics to teach the history of Western music in 1991, and has been working at the university for more than 20 years.

Since becoming a professional singer in 1985, Liu's singing has been widely acclaimed across the country. He won many national awards, including the Top 10 Film and TV Singers in the Country in 1988, in 1990 and in 1992.

On Aug. 8, 2008, Liu sang a duet "You and Me" with Sarah Brightman at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the zenith of his singing career. In addition to singing, Liu Huan also creates original scores for film and TV. His works have been well received by both audiences and his peers in the industry.

As a professor, Liu is invited every year to colleges and universities in Beijing to teach music courses. As a famous musician, when asked if his classes differ from other teachers', Liu simply said: "Nothing different. While standing on the platform, I am just a teacher. Everything outside has nothing to do with me at that moment."

Liu Huan married Lu Lu, a hostess for Hunan TV, in 1988. Their daughter was born in September 1991. Liu underwent hip replacement surgery at the Beijing University Third Hospital in mid-April 2010. The surgery was very successful.

In 2012, Liu was asked to act as one of the four judges on "The Voice of China" (中国好声音), a singing talent show broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV. Her fellow judges are Na Ying, Yang Kun, and Harlem Yu.

The following are the most popular songs sung by Liu Huan from 1987 to 2012:

Liu Huan acts as one of the four judges on the talent show "The Voice of China" in 2012.

"Can Not Do Without You" in 1987

"The Sun in My Heart" in 1987

"Ambitious Youth Has No Complaint" in 1987

"Can Not Live This Way" in 1988

"The Crescent Moon" in 1989

"The Clove Rain" in 1990

"Black Ship" in 1990

"Time and Time Again You Ask Me" in 1993

"Worship" in 1993

"All Over Again" in 1997

"Heaven and Earth in My heart" in 1998

"The Song of Brave Men" in 1999

"The Knife-sharpening Old Man" in 1999

"Lulu" in 2004

"You and Me" in 2008

"Pair of Phoenixes Flying Side by Side" in 2012