Harlem Yu

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Harlem Yu, pop singer in Taiwan.

Harlem Yu (庾澄庆) is a Taiwanese singer who is renowned for his composing talents, TV hosting and traditional opera performances. Yu was most recently chosen to become one of the four judges on "The Voice of China" (中国好声音), a surprisingly popular reality singing competition which has been airing on Zhejiang Satellite TV since July 13, 2012.

Yu was born on July 28, 1961 in Taiwan and graduated from the National Taipei University of Technology. He released his first album "Sad Singer" in 1986. After many years of hard work, Yu is widely acknowledged by Chinese audiences and acclaimed by musical circles for his unique singing style and brilliant composing. His songs often come in number one in the KTVs and during on-demand TV shows. His compositions for several Coca Cola, Sprite, Kodak, Darlie, SYM, Motorola, and Supau Sweat ads, have become household tunes across China.

Yu has won many singing and acting awards, including the Best New Prospect Award at the RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards in 1990, the Most Outstanding Singer-Songwriter in Asia at the Billboard Music Awards in 1996, and an Outstanding Achievement Award at the HITO Radio Music Awards in 2007.

Yu married Taiwanese actress Annie Yi in the United States in February 2000 and their son Harry was born on Mar. 16, 2002. The couple divorced in March 2009. Yu is currently single.

In 2012, Yu was asked to become one of the four judges on "The Voice of China" (中国好声音), a reality singing competition on Zhejiang Satellite TV. His fellow judges are Liu Huan, Na Ying and Yang Kun.

The following are Yu's main releases between 1986 and 2006.

Harlem Yu acts as one of the four judges on "The Voice of China" in 2012.

"Sad Singer" in 1986

"I know I Have Grown Up" in 1987

"The Missing Love" in 1988

"Give You All My Love" in 1989

"Righting All The Wrongs" in 1990

"I Can't Control Myself" in 1991

"True Love Song" in 1993

"Get Close" in 1995

"Open Your Window" in 1996

"Just For You" in 1997

"Most Familiar" in 1999

"Tidal Wave" in 2001

"Harlem's Heaven" in 2003

"Can't Quit" in 2006