Jiang Min

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Jiang Min (Chinese: 蒋敏) was a police superintendent in Pengzhou City when the Sichuan earthquake struck on May 12, 2008. Tragically, 10 of her family members, including her mother and daughter, were killed in the disaster. Despite her terrible loss Jiang controlled her emotions and continued to take part in the rescue effort. She worked tirelessly, saving and comforting earthquake victims. Her young and brave spirit became an inspiration and a symbol of the self-sacrifice of the rescue workers in the aftermath of the quake.

On May 22, 2008, Jiang, who is from the Qiang ethnic minority, was honored as a "Top Class Model Heroine" by the Ministry of Public Security. Bloggers began to refer to her as "the prettiest policewoman" in the country.

In January 18, 2009, Jiang came 7th in a poll to choose the "Top Ten Outstanding Women" in China.