Ministry of Public Security

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The Ministry of Public Security, as the State Council’s department in charge of national public security works, is the highest leading and commanding authority of public security work. Its main functions include:

1. To research and formulate guidelines, policies on public security, and draft related laws and regulations; to guide, supervise and inspect national public security work.

2. To control situations affecting stability, harming domestic security and law and order of the society; to guide and supervise local police organizations on their legal inspection and punishment of acts harming social security and order according to law; to legally administer residence registration, citizen identifications, guns and ammunitions, dangerous articles and special professions.

3. To organize and guide surveillance and investigation work, coordinate and address major cases, law and order events and riots; to guide the prevention and striking down against terrorist activities.

4. To legally administer nationality work, border entry/exit checking; to guide and supervise fire protection work and the administration of road and traffic safety, traffic order, as well as vehicles and drivers.

5. To guide and supervise the administration of local public security organs in their provision of security and protection to state institutions, social communities, enterprise and institutions, key construction projects, as well the security work organized by grassroots security and protection groups and to supervise the safety of public information network.

6. To guide and supervise the implementation of penalties and their supervision and inspection as undertaken by local public security organizations by law; to guide the administration of prisons, lockups and compulsory drug abstinence houses.

7. To organize the implementation of safety protection for the party and state leaders as well as important foreign guests.

8. To organize the implementation of public security S&T; to plan for the development of public security information technology and criminological technology; to formulate policing guarantee standards and systems in respects of equipment and gears for public security organs and fund allocations.

9. To organize exchanges and cooperation with foreign police organizations and International Criminal Police Organization and the police of Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions as well as police from Taiwan region; to implement international treaties and cooperation agreements.

10. To lead the building of the police forces for border public security, firefighting and guarding; to lead and guide the Armed Police Headquarters in implementing public security assignments and related operations.

11. To formulate guidelines and measures for training, educating and inspiring public security personnel; to manage cadres according to authorizations; to guide the legal work of public security organizations; to formulate regulations and rules for the supervision and administration of public security forces and to guide the policing supervision of public security organizations; to inspect and settle or supervise the settlement of major discipline violations by public security forces and to safeguard the rights of law executions by public security policemen.