Imperial University of Peking

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The Imperial University of Peking was located on Mashenmiao Street, on the eastern side of Jingshan Mountain.

The Imperial University of Peking was set up on July 3, 1898, as a result of the Hundred Days' Reform (also called the Reform Movement of 1898, which was launched by Kang Youwei and other reformers under the auspices of Emperor Guangxu and suppressed by the Empress Dowager Cixi). ]

The educational guidelines of the university prescribed “combined use of Chinese and western knowledge”. Its watchword was “Wide Cultivation of Talents, with the Emphasis on Current Affairs”.

The university was closed when the eight-power allied forces - aggressive troops sent by Britain, the United States, Germany, France, tsarist Russia, Japan, Italy and Austria - invaded Beijing in 1900 and reopened on December 17, 1902.

It was China's first national comprehensive university and, at the time, the country's highest education institution. After 1911 Xinhai Revolution, it was renamed Peking University.