Hundred Days' Reform

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On September 28, 1898, Tan Sitong (34-year-old), Kang Guangren (32), Liu Guangdi (40), Lin Xu (24), Yang Rui (42) and Yang Shenxiu (50) were beheaded at Caishikou, Beijing. Tan, the leader of the group, helped to open several schools using a Western educational system. In addition to the schools, the group also built ships, railways and coal mines, and established Xiang Bao, a newspaper that advocated for reforms and denounced feudalistic policies. On September 5, Tan was promoted as a courtier to push forward the Hundred Days' Reform from June 11 to September 21, 1898). The reform was ruined in a coup d' etat and Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908) then returned to power.