Dianshan Lake Scenic Area

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Dianshan Lake is located west of Zhujiajiao Town, about 60 km away from downtown Shanghai. The scenic area features a water sports park, swimming pools, camping sites, the famous Grand View Garden, and a golf course. The Grand View Garden was built in accordance with the descriptions in the famous classical novel Hong lou meng (A Dream of Red Mansions).

With a vast expanse of clear water, Dianshan Lake is the largest fresh water lake in Shanghai, whose water surface is 11 times that of the world-famous West Lake in Hangzhou. Seen from afar, the lake seems to be touching the blue sky, forming a very pleasant picture. It is viewed as an attractive tourist resort of natural and pastoral taste.

In the area there are a great number of beautiful or old scenic spots, such as an ancient pagoda of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), an ancient bridge of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), an ancient temple of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).