CIIC:Selected anniversaries/October 14

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The Imperial University of Peking was located on Mashenmiao Street, on the eastern side of Jingshan Mountain.

1902: The Imperial University of Peking held its first entrance examination.

1918: Peking University set up the country's first journalism research institute, marking the start of journalism studies in China.

1920: A gas explosion at a coal mine in Tangshan in Hebei Province killed 450 miners and injured over one hundred.

1986: A Chinese rafting expedition spent four months drifting down the Yangtze River passing through the river's steepest stretches.

1992: China announced it had acceded to the Berne Convention, an international convention on copyright.

1998: At the invitation of the mainland Association for Relations across the Taiwan Straits, a 12-member delegation from the Taiwan-based Straits Exchange Foundation led by its chairman, Koo Chen-fu, arrived in Shanghai on October 14, 1998, for a six-day visit to the Chinese mainland.