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Wang Taili (Left) and Xiao Yang of Brothers Chopstick

Brothers Chopstick is an emergent band active in the film and music industries. It is led by the advertising director Xiao Yang and musician Wang Taili. Their first movie “A Geisha Man’s Memoir” gained popularity soon after being released online in late May 2007, getting 10 million hits a week. Its theme song, “Bless You My Dear” also became a huge hit. In 2010, Brothers Chopstick made another film—“The Old Boy”—a reminiscent work concentrating on the memory of the post-80s. The film has been again widely accepted, and its ending theme song considered very touching. The short film is recognized as one of the most influential documents that chronicles the nostalgic youth of the early post-80s.

Little Apple has become popular overnight in China

The duo's latest single - "Little Apple," released on May 3, 2014, was called "brainwashing pop song" by many and became popular overnight in China like Gangnam Style in the second half of 2014. Videos related to the "Little Apple" have attracted more than 500 million clicks on video streaming platform

The song became so popular in social media and networks media that it has inspired square-dancing troupes to mimic its music video. Some official organizations are even using it for promotion. For instance, the Ministry of Defense has posted a music video with soldiers dancing to this song on its official website to lure new recruits.

The popularity of the song was part of an unusual campaign for a movie, Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon, featuring the band members, Wang Taili and Xiao Yang.

With the song having become an enormous hit, many people who did not plan to watch the film flocked to cinemas out of curiosity.

A scene from the popular adventure comedy Old Boys: The Way of The Dragon

The adventure comedy, released on July 10, 2014, surpassed 150 million yuan within the first week of hitting the big screen.