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the childhood memory of post-80s

Post-80s: This phrase refers to the group of people, about 240 million, who were born between 1980 and 1989 on the Chinese mainland. Because of the country’s one-child policy, many of the post-80s are the only child in the family. Growing up with indulgent parents and grandparents, the post-80s are often called “little emperors” at home.

The post-80s were born at a time when China was increasingly becoming involved in globalization. The modernization combined with tradition created unexpected contradictions in their lives. They are the generation who is crazily in pursuit of pop culture, avant-garde technologies and fast-paced modern lifestyle. And yet, they cannot avoid China’s traditional rules, such as filial piety and family obligation. They are usually economically dependent on their parents, but independent in thoughts and behaviors. In 2008, a number of post-80s volunteered to join in rescue operations of the Sichuan Earthquake in Wenchuan County. Their devotion changed the former image of post-80s, described as arrogant, conceited and selfish.