"Imperial Palace" of the Manchukuo Puppet Regime

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The "Imperial Palace" of the Manchukuo puppet regime is located in the northeast corner of Changchun. It was once the office building of the Bureau of Salt Affairs of Jilin and Heilongjiang. The compound was divided into an inner courtyard and outer courtyard. The inner courtyard was the place where puppet emperor Puyi and his family lived. It includes Jixi Tower in the west section, and Tongde Hall in the east. The outer courtyard was chiefly made up of the Qinmin Hall and Huaiyuan Hall. The palace also had an imperial garden, horserace course, a tennis court, a swimming pool, an air-raid shelter, a railway station for the emperor's special train, and the barracks for the imperial guards. In total, it covers a 120,000 sq. m.

File:"Imperial Palace" of the Manchukuo Puppet Regime, Jilin.jpg
"Imperial Palace" of the Manchukuo Puppet Regime, Jilin