Zou Shiming

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Zou Shiming (邹市明)

Zou Shiming (邹市明) is a Chinese boxer who won China's first Olympic boxing gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. He has retained his light fly weight Olympic boxing title after claiming victory in the gold medal match against Thailand's Kaeo Pongprayoon on Aug.11, 2012 in London Olympics, becoming the first boxer who has retained the title of this category.

Zou turned pro in 2013 and made his professional debut on April 6 in Macau, defeating little-known Mexican Eleazar Valenzuela on points(40-36).

Zou was elected as the delegate to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

He was born in Zunyi, Guizhou Province on May 18, 1981 and started boxing training in 1996 at the age of 15. He was recruited to the national team in November 1999. The two-time world champion and Athens Olympics bronze medalist claimed the men's light fly 48kg crown at the Beijing Olympics, his first-ever and China's first Olympic boxing gold medal, as well as its 50th gold medal at the Games.

When he was little, Zou was actually little in size: short, thin, timid, and girly-looking. Being bullied by his stronger pals, even by girls, little Zou had the impetus to take up Chinese martial arts and boxing to make himself stronger.

In 1997, Zou was picked into the Guizhou boxing team in his hometown, and was chosen to the national team in 1999 after winning a national youth boxing championship.

The experienced coach Zhang Chuanliang saw merit in this little guy: thanks to his martial arts practice and light weight, Zou can move fast and punch quickly.

During training, the master and the student gradually combined Zou's kung fu skills into his boxing technique and created a distinctive way for him to evade opponent's attacks.

Using this unique "Kung fu boxing", Zou stunned the world during the 2003 Bangkok World Boxing Championship by winning a silver medal in the light flyweight category.

In the 2005 Mianyang World Boxing Championship, Zou beat his old rivalry from Cuba Yan Bhartelemy and won a gold medal.

In 2007, Zou became known as "Fox Zou" after successfully defending his title in the Chicago World Boxing Championship, and his boxing skill was vividly called "foxy boxing".

The British newspaper Guardian said Zou "fights like a sparrow and acts like [Muhammad]Ali.” Zou has become the actual king of his realm.

Zou Shiming (邹市明)

As the years passed, Zou deliberately focused training on his weakness: his punching power. After years of intensive training on muscle-building and punching, he gradually gained power on his attacks while still keeping up speedy footwork.

Zou has developed into a comprehensive boxer with good speed, power, tactics and a mature mind.

On Nov. 23, 2014, Zou knocked down Kwanpichit Onesongchaigym of Thailand three times at his maiden 12-round bout, making Zou mandatory challenger to title holder Juan Francisco Estrada of Mexico in a fight likely to take place in spring next year in Macau.

On June 11, 2016, Zou won a WBO flyweight title boxing match against Jozef Ajtai of Hungary in New York, the United States.

Major achievements:

2003 Bangkok World Boxing Championships – Runner-up

2004 Asian Boxing Championships – Runner-up

2004 Athens Olympic Games – Bronze medalist

2005 World Boxing Championships – Champion

2006 Doha Asian Games – Gold medalist

2007 World Boxing Championships – Champion

2008 Beijing Olympic Games – Gold medalist

2010 Guangzhou Asian Games – Gold medalist

2012 London Olympic Games - Gold medalist