Zhu Ziqing

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The portrait of Zhu Ziqing

Known as China’s famous essayist, poet and educator, Zhu Ziqing (November 22, 1898 - August 12, 1948), originally named Zhu Zihua, was a pioneering literature figure in pushing forward the country’s modernism in the early 20th century. His widely acclaimed essays include The back sight of my father, Moonlight over the lotus pond and Green, some of which are excerpted in students’ textbooks.

A Jiangsu native, Zhu studied at the Peking University and joined the May 4th Movement in 1919. He was later appointed as the professor of Chinese literature in Tsinghua University in 1925. From 1931-1932, he pursued the academic achievement in English Literature and Linguistic in London.

Zhu is always regarded as a patriotic scholar, who strongly opposed the country’s Civil War (1945-1949) and refused to receive the relief food distributed by the United States. He died in serious illness and poverty at the age of 50.

Recently he became the center of attention as some experts from Peking University questioned his motivation in creating the essay The back sight of my father. According to those experts, the essay was too irrational and realistic to remain in the textbook. However, their opinion doesn’t get too much support.