Zhao Yuan

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Zhao Yuan (赵元)

Zhao Yuan (赵元) is one of China's most famous film directors and best-known for her film series "Dream of the Red Chamber."

Born on December 1, 1925 in Shanghai, Zhao was born into a family originally from Fenghua, Zhejiang Province. In 1940, she participated in several drama performances that supported the people's resistance to foreign aggression and domination. In 1949, she entered the Actors' Training Program at the Shanghai Film Studio. In 1956 , Zhao was transferred to the Beijing Film Studio. She has portrayed a number of characters throughout her extensive acting career.

During her stint at the Beijing Film Studio, Zhao, acting as the associate director, assisted her famous cinematographer husband Zhu Jinming during the filming of "After Armistice" (《停战以后》) and "Living Forever in Burning Flames" (《烈火中永生》)

Zhao's career as a director officially took off with the release of her first film "The Man Who Helps Me on Ride"(《扶我上战马的人》), being its sole director. One year later, her second work "At Age of 14 and 15" (《十四五岁》), depicting a group of middle school students going through adolescence, won a Golden Calf Award and an Outstanding Film Award conferred by the Ministry of Culture.

In 1985, Zhao joined forces with Xie Tieli, a renowned Chinese director, to undertake the filming of world-famous literary pearl "Dream of the Red Chamber." The film series consisted of six installments and gained great popularity, gaining her the Best Director Award at the Fourteenth Golden Rooster Film Awards.

Zhao and her filmmaking career in China are currently both still going strong.

Below follows a list of Zhao's works:

"The Feeling Of Having Money"《有钱的感觉》(2002)

"Dream of the Red Chamber Ⅵ"《红楼梦第6部》(1989)

"Dream of the Red Chamber Ⅴ"《红楼梦第5部》(1989)

"Dream of the Red Chamber Ⅳ"《红楼梦第4部》(1989) "Dream of the Red Chamber Ⅲ"《红楼梦第3部》(1989)

"Dream of the Red ChamberⅡ" 《红楼梦第2部》(1988)

"Dream of the Red ChamberⅠ"《红楼梦第1部》(1988)

"At Age of 14 and 15" 《十四五岁》(1984)

"The Man Who Helps Me on Ride"《扶我上战马的人》(1983)

"After Armistice "《停战以后》 (1962)

"Living Forever in Burning Flames"《烈火中永生》 (1965)