Zhalong Natural Reserve

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Internationally renowned, the Zhalong Natural Reserve lies 26 km southeast of Qiqihar City. It is a paradise for birds and the homeland of cranes.

Covering an area of 420 sq km in the lower reaches of the Wuyuer River on the Songnun Plain, the reserve is among the first group of wetlands in China to be listed in the directory of important international wetlands. It is China’s largest wetland covered with reeds. Fertile soil makes it rich in fresh water resources, fish, and shrimp and a paradise for birds and waterfowl. The reserve nourishes 14 of the 15 kinds of known cranes, six of which reproduce naturally there. The most precious of these is the world-renowned red-crested crane.

Zhalong Nature Reserve, hometown of red-crowned cranes, Heilongjiang