Yuan Guiren

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Yuan Guiren

Yuan Guiren (袁贵仁) was born in Anhui Province in November 1950. He is a full professor with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from Beijing Normal University (BNU).

1969-1978 Teacher, Wangzhuang Middle School and May Seven University, Guzhen County, Anhui Province

1978-1984 Undergraduate and postgraduate studies (Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Philosophy), Dept. of Philosophy, BNU

1984-1989 Lecturer and Deputy Dean, Dept. of Philosophy, BNU

1989-1995 Director of Division of Social Sciences; Associate Dean of Studies; Deputy Director of Office of Education Science, BNU

1995-1996 Executive Vice President, BNU

1996-1998 Secretary of the CPC Committee of BNU

1998-1999 Assistant Mayor of Beijing and Director-General of Beijing Municipal Education Commission; Secretary of the CPC Committee of BNU

1999-2001 President of BNU and Secretary of the CPC Committee of BNU

2001-2005 Vice Minister of Education and Member of CPC Leading Group of Ministry of Education (MoE); Chairman of State Language Commission

2005-2009 Vice Minister and Deputy Secretary of CPC Leading Group of MoE

2009- Minister of Education

Yuan Guiren is a Member of the 17th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of CPC, and a Deputy to the National Committee of the 9th and 10th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.