Xu Haifeng

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Xu Haifeng won China's first Olympic medal at 23rd Olympic Games.

Xu Haifeng (Chinese: 许海峰) is a former Chinese shooter. On July 29, 1984, Xu Haifeng took the gold medal in individual free pistol 60 shots at the 23rd Olympic Games, which were held in Los Angeles. Xu’s win was China's first Olympic gold medal, breaking China's "zero record" in Olympic gold medals.

Xu was born on August 1, 1957 in Fujian Province.


From shooting birds with a sling when he was little to winning the Olympic gold, Xu Haifeng has always been an ambitious sharpshooter. Through years of strict, self-disciplined practice, the determined Xu trained himself to become a real crack shot despite the lack of professional regular training. In 1982, Xu enrolled in the Anhui provincial shooting team, and two years later in 1984, the marksman started his sports career on the national team.

A self-trained world champion, the first gold winner of the 23rd Olympic Games, China's first Olympic gold medal winner, coach of two Olympic gold medal winners, creator of the country's history of Olympic golds — Xu has many accolades and will be remembered as a sports hero. True to his nicknames of "Gold Athlete" and "Gold Coach," he is a legend who will never fade.

Major achievements

1984 The 23rd Olympic Games, Los Angeles--gold, individual free pistol 60 shots, China's first Olympic gold medal

1986 The 10th Asian Games, Seoul--gold, individual free pistol (temporary world record, shooting 660 points); gold, individual air pistol; gold, team free pistol

1990 Asian Games, Beijing--four gold medals

1991 World Air Pistol Championship--gold

1991 The 7th Asian Championships--five gold medals

Life outside the shooting arena:

Xu's story was brought to big screen with a film in his name that premiered in Beijing on Oct. 14, 2012.