Xiong Qinglai

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Xiong Qinglai (Chinese: 熊庆来), born in 1893 in Mile, Yunnan Province, studied in Belgium, Great Britain and France. He was awarded a PhD in Science from the Paris University in 1933. He established departments of Mathematics both at Nanjing Southeast University and Tsinghua University. He served as the president of Yunnan University from 1937 to 1949. He visited Paris for the UN Congress of Education, Science and Culture, and remained to teach and conduct mathematical research. He returned to China in 1957 and became a fellow researcher at the Research Institute of Mathematics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, where he concentrated his work on function theories.

The first to introduce modern mathematics, Xiong accomplished much in the research of infinite order whole function, as well as quasi-meromorphic function. Among academic circles around the world, his definition of infinite order whole function became known as “Xiong’s Infinite Order.” He also made valuable contributions to the research of Montel regular, algebra function theories, inner unit circle holomorphic function and quasi-meromorphic function.

Xiong Qinglai died on February 3, 1969.