Xie Pengfei

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Xie Pengfei (谢鹏飞)

Xie Pengfei (谢鹏飞), former secretary-general of the Guangdong provincial government, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China and relieved of public office due to serious violations of law and discipline, the provincial anti-graft watchdog said in a press release on August 20. The release also stated that all of Xie's illegal gains had been confiscated and that he is being probed for suspected corruption.

Born in October 1950 in Wenchang, Hainan Province, Xie graduated with an MA in 1984. He worked in the Guangdong provincial Party committee and government in 1992, successively serving as deputy secretary-general of the provincial government, director of the provincial government's development research center, and secretary of the center's leading Party group.

Xie was relieved of his duties in April 2011 and was appointed for a five-year term as an adviser to the Guangdong provincial government in May 2011. The provincial discipline inspection and supervision network released the news on June 19, 2011, that Xie was under investigation for serious violations of law and discipline.

His case had been handed over to local judicial authorities.