Xiaonanhai Lake

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Apart from numerous rivers, Chongqing also abounds in lakes. Xiaonanhai (Lesser South Sea) Lake at Qianjiang is a natural alpine freshwater barrier lake, formed after an earthquake in 1856.

With an area of 150 sq. km and averaging 30 m in depth, it boasts an enchanting landscape embracing water, mountains, islets and valleys. It has one of the few well-preserved sites of earthquake ruins found in China. Along its meandering watercourse lie three islets, home to over 140 species of arbores, among them are horsetail pine, water fir, along with many kinds of rare animals, such as the Rhesus monkey, antelope, musk deer, giant salamander and mussels. The islets are key breeding bases for musk deer.

Xiaonanhai Lake, Chongqing