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Xiao Qian was a well-known writer, journalist and translator.

Born on January 27, 1910, Xiao graduated from Peking University in 1935. He was the chief editor of the Literature Supplement of Ta Kung Pao in Tianjin, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and was in charge of the editorials on international issues. He was the only Chinese journalist reporting from the European battlefields during the World War II till the war ended.

After the People's Republic of China was founded, he held the positions of the deputy editor-in-chief of People's China, deputy chief of the editorial department of Translation, deputy editor-in-chief of Literature Journal, consultant of People's Literature Publishing House, director of the Central Literature and History Research Institute, and honorary director of China Translators' Association.

His representative works include a novel, The Valley of Dreams; collection of reportage, Life Interviews; biography Traveler Without Maps – Memoir of Xiao Qian, and translated works such as Good Soldier Schweik, Peer Gynt, and Ulysses.

Xiao died in Beijing on February 11, 1999 at the age of 89.

Xiao Qian