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The Wudalianchi scenic spot is situated on a bank of the Namor River, being considered a “natural museum” due to its unique volcanic scenery. It is a barrier lake formed in the years between 1719 and 1721 when a volcano erupted and basaltic lava flowed into the Bai River, a tributary of the Namor River. The First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth ponds are lined up from south to north like pearls inlaid on the 14 volcanic lava terraces. It is the only “volcanic park” in China. At the top of the volcano, one may see the different colors of the lakes. It is said that the lakes have yellow, orange, green, and blue colors because of the different mineral ores that were produced by the lava. poker wiki

The five ponds are the most intact, most typical, and most recent results of volcanic activity in China, boasting 14 regularly spread-out volcanoes and well-preserved volcano craters.

Vocanos and springs at Wudalianchi, Heilongjiang

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