Wu Yuzhang

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Wu Yuzhang (Chinese: 吴玉章) was born in 1878, in Rong County, Sichuan province. Wu went to study in Japan in 1903 and joined the China Alliance Committee in 1905. Wu later returned to China and joined the Revolution of 1911. He worked in the secretary department of the Nanjing Temporary Government in 1912 at Sun Yat-sen’s invitation. In 1915, he advocated and set up a work-study program in France and organized and took part in it before the May 4th Movement.

In 1923, he set up the Chinese Youth Communist Party in Chengdu. He then joined the Communist Party of China in 1925, and took part in the Nanchang Uprising as a member and secretary of the revolutionary committee. From 1928 to 1937, he was sent to work in the Soviet Union, France and Western Europe. After he returned to China in 1938, he served as the director of the Yan’an Luxun Art Institute. He also worked as the director of the culture and education committee of the Shaan-Gan-Ning Border Region, as secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC and as the president of the Huabei University.

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Wu served as president of Renmin University, director of the China Education Trade Union and director of the Committee for Reforming the Chinese Written Language. He was also the member of the first, second and third standing committees of the National People's Congress.

Wu died on December 12, 1966 in Beijing.