Wu Juping

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Wu Juping

Wu Juping (Chinese: 吴菊萍) was just an ordinary saleswoman from Alibaba.com, China’s largest online B2B marketplace. However, on July 2, 2011, she bravely caught a falling toddler and has been heralded the most beautiful mother in China. The toddler fell from the 10th floor of a building in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province into Wu’s arms.

The toddler is two-year-old Zhang Fangyu, pet named Niu Niu. Niu Niu crawled to the windowsill looking for her grandma who went to fetch the quilts on the balcony while the child was asleep. When a neighbor lived one floor below saw the little girl on the brink of falling, he held out a ladder to catch her. The ladder, however, was too short to reach the girl, who tumbled out of the window. At the critical moment, Wu, a passerby, rushed to the spot she thought the girl would fall to and caught her successfully so that the two-year-old didn’t hit the ground.

The girl fell into a coma after the incident, and Wu also suffered several fractures to her left forearm. On July 8, Niu Niu, who was able to move her fingers, toes and eyelids, was reported out of critical condition. But doctors said they will still observe the toddler to see whether she will recover her brain function. Wu’s arm is recovering well after TCM bone-setting therapy.

The Hangzhou government awarded Wu with "A Hero for the Cause of Bravery and Justice" and "March 8th Banner Holder"—a big honor for Chinese women—after the incident. The Hangzhou Foundation for Justice and Courage also compensated Wu with 50,000 yuan (US$7,732) to cover her treatment.