Wu Jingbiao

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Wu Jingbiao

Wu Jingbiao (吴景彪) is a Chinese weightlifter in the 56kg category, who won the silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics, falling short of his expectations for the gold medal.

“I feel so sorry to my country, to my weightlifting team and to those who care me so much,” he said, after losing to DPRK competitor Om Yun Chol, whose final clean and jerk of a sensational 168kg set a new world record and dashed Wu’s hopes of claiming the gold.

Born in 1989, Nanping, Fujian Province, Wu embarked on his weightlifting career at age 11. He was the national youth champion at the age of 15, and in 2011 he overwhelmed Paris by sweeping gold medals in the snatch, clean and jerk as well as the overall performance, making him a favorite leading up to the London Olympics.

Major achievements:

In 2005:

Champion of China Youth Weightlifting Games

In 2007:

First in snatch category and third in clean and jerk which led him to second overall at the Youth World Weightlifting Championship

In 2009:

Champion of the 56kg-snatch category of the World Weightlifting Championships in South Korea

In 2010:

Gold medalist in the 56-kg-snatch category, silver medalist in clean and jerk and highest overall score at the World Weightlifting Championships in Turkey

In 2011:

Winner in the 56kg-snatch category, 133kg-clean-and-jerk and overall performance at the World Weightlifting Championships in Paris

In 2012:

Silver medalist at the London Olympics