Whampoa Military Academy

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Whampoa Military Academy was China's first military school in modern times, and was located in Huangpu, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

The academy was established in January 1924 and the first training began in May. Sun Yat-sen took the job of Premier of this academy, and Chiang Kai-shek was appointed the first commandant of the academy. Liao Zhongkai, the famous leftist of Kuomintang and Sun's treasury secretary, was appointed as representative of KMT to the academy. Zhou Enlai, Yun Daiying, Xiao Chunu and Nie Rongzhen were sent by the Communist Party to work for the academy.

The inauguration was held on June 16, 1924, with more than 500 attendants. During the inaugural ceremonies, Sun Yat-sen delivered a speech declaring the establishment of Whampoa Military Academy.