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Weihaiwei, now called Weihai, is a harbor city on the northeastern shore of the Shandong Peninsula. It became a colony of Britain in 1898 after a treaty was signed between China's Qing government and Britain in which Weihaiwei was leased to the latter.

In December 1921 at the Washington Conference, Chinese government representatives raised claim for its territories leased by various powers. Over the next eight years, the Chinese government held negotiations with the British government concerning the treaty port of Weihaiwei.

On October 1, 1931, Wang Jiazhen, the Chinese official responsible for taking Weihaiwei back, and Reginald Johnston, the British administrator of Weihaiwei, took part in a handover ceremony in front of the British Administrator's premises, signifying the final return of Weihaiwei to China after 32 years of British rule.