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Wang Lin

Wang Lin (王林), born in Pingxiang of Jiangxi Province in 1952, is a highly controversial Chi Kung master in China.

Wang had mostly led a low-profile existence inside his extravagant villa and seldom appeared in public until a group of photos in which he was posing with high-ranking officials and celebrities were circulated online in July of 2013. He was allegedly a close friend of famous businessman Ma Yun, action movie star and philanthropist Jet Li and actress Zhao Wei. Nevertheless, Ma, Li and Zhao only make up for a tiny fragment of Wang’s extraordinary visitors.

Many of Wang’s guests found themselves bewitched by his so-called “supernatural powers,” enabling him to use mere willpower to move snakes into covered vessels, revive a snake after chopping it in two, fill up a wine cup whilst remaining empty-handed himself and, most importantly, cure cancer.

Nonetheless, his extraordinary Chi Kung abilities triggered wide suspicion as people became doubtful of Wang’s capabilities of anything but deceit. On July 26, 2013, China Central Television aired an investigative program into his person, in which it indicated he was in fact a con artist.

At the same time, his last follower, businessman Zou Yong, too accused him of fraud. Zou was introduced to Wang in 2002. In a TV interview in 2013, Zou said he had paid 5 million yuan (about $804,000) in 2009 to become a disciple of Wang in the hopes of mastering his Chi Kung skill, but two years had passed and Zou had learned nothing. He claimed Wang extorted nearly 30 million yuan from him thereafter, including 7.4 million yuan (US$ 1.21 million) Wang had asked him to pay for a Rolls Royce limousine and 333,333 yuan as a personal gift to Wang before starting his classes. Zou eventually parted ways with Wang and sued him. However, he said he lost the lawsuit and was eventually even cursed by Wang.

Following the accusations against Wang, local police and health authorities launched an investigation into him over possession of a gun, unlicensed medical practice, bribery and fraud in 2013, but failed to make any headway due to lack of evidence.

On July 16, 2015, police in east China's Jiangxi Province announced Wang was detained over charges of kidnapping and murdering Zou, who was kidnapped on July 9 and killed.

On August 20, Wang was formally arrested on the charge of illegal detention of Zou Yong.