Wang Junwang

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Wang Junwang

Wang Junwang (王俊旺), 18 years old, was a migrant worker from Xiewang Village, Linzhang County of Hebei Province. He sacrificed himself to save others in times of dire, and deadly, need.

The accident happened at 8 a.m. on June 4, when a truck carrying 10-tonage steel pipes suddenly got out of control and slid down a road on the construction site in Wu'an City where Wang worked. To prevent the truck from ramming into the workers and pipelines in front of it, Wang immediately chased the truck and reached through its window to pull the brake lever. The truck changed its direction and turned to the other side. Wang chased after it again and tried pulling the lever a second time, but was run over by the truck.

Coming from a poor famer's family, Wang started working from a very early age to support his 10-year-old brother in paying school fees. After the news was reported, people were deeply touched by the young man's heroic act. Local Wu'an City and Handan City governments have respectively awarded Wang the honorary title of "Most Courageous Citizen."