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Born in 1973 in the city of Qingdao in Shandong Province, Wang Hai (Chinese: 王海) has carried on a 15-year personal war against fake goods and for consumer rights. He is famous for setting up the "Wang Hai Consumer Protection Hotline".

Wang has also written a number of books on consumer rights, including I'm an untamed citizen, Beat the fake makers, and Learn to protect your property rights in a day.

Wang became a household name in 1996 after appearing on the popular television talk show "Tell it like it is". The Guangzhou-based Southern Weekend dubbed Wang a "pragmatic patriot," and in 1998 he met President Bill Clinton during a symposium on the Chinese economy. The President reportedly said Wang was the "protector of Chinese consumers". In 1999, Wang took off his trademark Rayban sunglasses for the first time in public during a TV appearance (he wore the glasses to avoid being recognized when exposing fake products). He later became a regular host of the “Weekly Events" television program.