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Geographically, Tonglefang is situated at the very center of downtown Shanghai. There used to be a cluster of lane-type small factories and workshops, some of which were very popular in the first half of the 20th century. It is said that Tonglefang is the epitome of old Shanghai's lane-type factories.

The name literally means "Joy-sharing Workshop." Today, all those old factory buildings and workshops are being transformed into fashionable creative space on the basic principle of "renovating the old ones to make them look like originals." It is becoming both an important base of Shanghai's creative industry and an area of new attractive scenery.

According to the renovation plan, 75% of the space will be used for recreation and restaurants, including a bar to be established by a famous French model school. In the daytime, it serves as a model-training site, and in the evening it turns into a bar where a large number of celebrities in the fashionable circles meet and do business. In addition, some famous stars are going to set up special bars and restaurants to appeal to young fans.