Tianzhu Mountain

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Located in Qianshan County, Tianzhu Mountain (http://www.anhui.travel/en/attractions/html/attractions_003.html) has a main scenic zone of 82.46 sq. km with deep canyons, grotesque rocks, secluded caves, running waterfalls and clear springs, as well as towering pines.

Tianzhu Mountain is referred to by Daoism as the 14th fascinating place and the 57th Happy Land. The second and the third Patriarch of the Zen Sect of Buddhism (or the Dhyana School) lived in the mountain once. Some great men of letters in history, such as Li Bai, Wang Anshi, Su Shi (Su Dongpo)and Huang Tingjian, also left many carvings over the cliffs in the Shiniu Ancient Cave.

Tianzhu Mountain, Anqing, Anhui