Tianning Temple

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Tianning (Heavenly Peace) Temple is one of the "high-rises" of the ancient capital and a valuable memento of the Liao Dynasty. It was first built in the Northern Wei Dynasty (471-476) and named Bright Woods Temple (Guanglinsi). In history, its name has been changed several times, such as Expanding Cause Temple (Hongyesi), Heavenly King Temple (Tianwangsi), and Great Peace Buddhist Temple (Dawan'an Chansi). It got its present name in 1435.

The most outstanding feature of this temple is the Buddhist pagoda. An octagonal brick structure, it is 57.8 m high, with 13 stories and multi-layers of eaves. All the Buddhist statues, doors, windows, rafters and pillars are exquisitely carved in relief in imitation of wood. Even looking closely, one can hardly tell the difference from real wooden carvings.

Tianning Temple, Beijing