The Strange Slope Scenic Area

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Strange Slope is so called due to its apparent violation of gravity. It is located 30 km to the northeast of Shenyang, Liaoning Province. The 80-m-long and 15-m-wide slope descends eastwards. If a car stops at the foot of the slop, it will run to the top of the slop without any difficulty. The contrary occurs when cars attempt to drift downwards. Experts and scholars have attempted to discern the mystery. Some experts attribute this phenomenon to magnetic fields and optical illusions. Owing to the lack of evidence for a solid explanation, the mystery remains.

The Strange Slope lies at the heart of the Strange Slope Scenic Area, which also features a number of other natural attractions, including those which comprise the so-called "Three Mysteries" and "Five Great Mountains."

The Strange Slope, Shenyang, Liaoning