The Eight Provisions

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The Eight Provisions on how to improve the Party's general work methods and relations.

On Dec. 4, 2012, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting during which Eight Provisions (八项规定) on how to improve its general work methods and relations with the public were considered and adopted.

On a first note, research should go to the grassroots units, where genuine situations and people can be found to learn from. Every official must adopt a more realistic approach and be on guard against pomp and circumstance; lighter luggage and fewer attendants should be favored, and reception simplified. Banners, red carpets and flowers together with dinner parties should be avoided at all costs.

Secondly, meetings and activities should be streamlined. Any major national meeting or activity in the name of the Central Committee should pass through strict control. No official can attend ribbon-cutting activities, groundbreaking ceremonies, celebrations, commemorations and various forums without permission from the Central Committee. The effectiveness of any meetings should be enhanced; they should be brief and dynamic.

A third point raised the reduction in documents and briefings; those seemingly void of any substance or necessity may not be issued.

Number four aims at the standardization of visiting activities. Staff and transportation arrangements should be made in strict accordance with the provisions. Chinese-funded institutions, overseas Chinese and Chinese students studying abroad should not be arranged to receive the visitors unless necessary.

Next, security work should be improved. Principles that favor the public should be strictly adhered to. Traffic control should be cut down and road closures, as well as site clearings, must be avoided unless they are absolutely necessary.

Six, news coverage should be refined. Activities and meetings by Central Committee officials should be selectively reported, based on the news necessity, value and social effect. In addition, their content should be more immaculate.

On a following note, presentation publishing should be controlled. Individual writings and speech booklets should be stopped, as well as congratulatory letters, congratulatory messages and inscriptions by officials, unless they are in accordance with the central arrangements,

Lastly, diligence and frugality should be rigorously enforced. Severe housing and vehicles equipment should be implemented for the creation of a clean government.

The abovementioned Eight Provisions make for a solemn CPC commitment in accordance to the trends of China's future policy.