The Bund

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As the long-time symbol of Shanghai, the Bund, located in the Huangpu District, is a world-famous waterfront. It is characterized not only by its beautiful city skyline but also by the clusters of buildings of numerous architectural styles.

Along one side of the broad avenue stand over twenty tall, magnificent buildings, which have won for Shanghai the names "a gallery of world architecture" and "an architectural museum of the world." It is really a great wonder that those buildings were not all designed by the same people, nor by architects of the same nation, or even at the same time. Yet, they are in full harmony with one another, both in architectural style and in artistic taste. Even their outlines are so natural and smooth that from any angle one is greatly impressed with their dignified, imposing, and graceful air.

A wide embankment lies on the other side of the famous Huangpu River. Known as the mother river of Shanghai, the Huangpu flows from Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province, through downtown Shanghai, and empties into the Yangtze River.

With the development of Pudong Area, dozens of skyscrapers have mushroomed one after the other in the Lujiazhui Financial and Trade Zone on the other side of the riven the Pudong New District. The Bund and Lujiazhui, facing each other on each bank of the Huangpu River, have added to the beauty of the river.

The Bund is all the more romantic in the twilight and coming darkness. At night, colorful lights from all the buildings on both sides of the Huangpu River turn it into a virtual wonderland.

The Bund