The Art Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts

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The art gallery used to be the display hall of Central Academy of Fine Arts. Built in early 1960s, it mainly holds various teaching activities of the academy. The students' works will be regularly exhibited every year, which include the works of the undergraduates, the postgraduates and the teachers.

Inside the art gallery, rich and systemic collections have been accumulated in the past decades. They fall into such categories as ancient Chinese paintings and handwritings, modern and contemporary Chinese paintings, folk arts, oil paintings, prints, sculptures and some ancient mural paintings. From these works, you could see the social vicissitudes, people's appearances and natural landscapes.

The gallery also houses many excellent works created by the students in Central Academy of Fine Arts, which reflects the process and features of China's fine art education. In early 20th century, Liang Qichao called for the establishment of State-run Beiping Fine Art School. Till nowadays, the academy has undergone dramatic changes, but its achievements in fine art education will be forever recorded in the annals of the Chinese people.

Further Information:

Address: No.5 Xiaowei Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Bus Route: Bus No.103, 104, 803, 814 to the stop of Department Store,east of the road.

Opening Hours: 9: 30-16: 30 (16: 00 stop selling tickets)

Nearby Sights: Cultural Palace of the Working People, Zhongshan Park, the Forbidden City, Tian'amen Square and Wangfujing

Nearby Restaurants: Mingfang Restaurant, Northwest Muslim Qizhi Restaurant, Wangfujing Hotel and Mapoxiang Restaurant

Admission Fee: 5 Yuan

Tel: 8610-65282022

The Art Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts