Taiwan Democratic Self-government League

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Taiwan Democratic Self-government League(台湾民主自治同盟)

It was established on November 12, 1947 in Hong Kong. At the time it was a political organization of Taiwan residents which was founded and existed outside Taiwan Province, sought to become free from the rule of the Kuomintang, implement democracy and regional self-government. In March 1949, the league moved its headquarters from Hong Kong to Beijing.

Its present political program stands for patriotism and socialism, uniting with league members and Taiwan compatriots and striving for the acceleration of reform, opening up and socialist modernization drive, safeguarding stability and unity, improvement of socialist democracy and legal system and the realization of the peaceful unification of the motherland and "one country, two systems".

Most of the members are representative and upper level Taiwan compatriots living in large and medium-size cities on the mainland. It has a membership of over 1,800 and its chairman is Lin Wenyi (林文漪).