Taihu Lake Scenic Zone

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Lihu Lake, part of Taihu Lake Scenic Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu

Located in Wuxi, the most attractive spot of the Taihu Lake Scenic Zone is the Yuantouzhu (Turtle Head Islet) Park.

Embraced by water on three sides, the islet is shaped of huge turtle's head diving into the blue water. The main part of the park is natural scenery, supplemented with man-made gardens in addition to such beautiful structures built among the trees ass Changchun Bridge (Evergreen Bridge), Feiyun Pavilion (Scud Pavilion), Jinsong Pavilion (Sturdy Pine Pavilion), Wanfang Pavilion (All-places Pavilion), and Guangfu Temple (Bright Fortune Temple).

Another famous spot of the scenic zone is the Li Lake. Lying on the lakefront is a Li Garden. Both are named after a famous historical figure Fan Li, living in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC).