Sun Island

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Sun Island is situated within Harbin city proper on the north bank of the Songhua River. The beautiful island, surrounded by clear water, covers an area of 38 sq. km. There are cottages of different architectural styles under the lush green shade of tens of thousands of pines, larches, dragon spruces, lindens, oaks, and a hundred other kinds of trees. There are also huge bushes of lilacs and roses. In this natural arboretum live wild pheasants and squirrels.

At the southwest corner of the island lies Sun Island Park with scenes such as the Pavilion in Water, the Sun Mountain, and Double Bridge Island. In the park there is the rippling Sun Lake of 30,000 sq. m. The theme color of architecture in the park is white. On the southern tip of the island there is the natural swimming zone.

The park now includes the Leisure Garden, Deng Forest, Ecological Rest Zone, Botanic Zone, Russian Style Garden, Chinese Northeast Tiger Zone, Snow-ice World, and Snow Expo.

In the Painters' Village on the island, there is an Exhibition Hall of the Northern Folk Arts, focusing on displays of artistic works by the ethnic groups of the north.

Sun Island, Harbin, Heilongjiang