State Commission of Ethnic Affairs

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Its major functions are to implement the state policies and guidelines on ethnic minority work, study and put forward policies, guidelines and development strategy in regard to the work concerning ethnic minorities; formulate regulations and rules on the administration of ethnic minority affairs, improve the legal system concerning all ethnic groups; organize and conduct investigation on major issues concerning theories, policies and issues related to ethnic minorities, undertake publicity and education and supervise the implementation of policies, laws and regulations on ethnic minorities; supervise the implementation and improve the system of ethnic autonomy in regions where such autonomy is practiced and supervise and guarantee the rights and interests of ethnic minorities and study and formulate principles and methods for coordinating the relationship between ethnic groups, promote the equality, unity, and mutual cooperation among various ethnic groups, coordinate major issues concerning the relationships among ethnic groups and safeguard social stability and state integrity.

The commission is made up of eight divisions: the general affairs office and departments of policies, laws and regulations, economic development, cultural and publicity affairs, education, international affairs, planning and finance as well as personnel.