State Administration of Industry and Commerce

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An organization of the State Council charged with the supervision and administration and administrative law-enforcement in the market, it shoulders such major tasks as to study and formulate policies, guidelines and draft laws and regulations on the administration of industry and commerce, draw up and promulgate regulations concerning the management in industry and commerce; be in charge of the registration of industrial and commercial enterprises and units and individuals engaged in business operations, approve their names, examine, approve and issue business licenses and supervise their operation; supervise and check market competition, deal with monopoly and other unjust competition cases, protect the lawful rights and interests of consumers, oversee business operators and agents, economic contracts and the registration of pledges of movable property, supervise auctions and take care of the registration of trade marks.

The administration has ten departments: the general affairs office, law and regulation department, fare transaction department, department for the protection of the rights and interests of consumers, market regulation department, enterprise registration department, advertisement supervision department, self-employed economy supervision department, personnel and education department, international exchange and cooperation department.