Songfeng Mountain

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Songfeng Mountain

Songfeng Mountain is located in Songfengshan County,Acheng City, Heilongjiang Province. It is an independent hill of Zhangguangcai Range, with an elevation of 6000 meters.

The hill, endowed with quiet and peaceful environment, was a famous place where Taoism was very prosperous in the Upper Capital regions in early Jin Dynasty. At the present time, there still remain many Taoism cultural relics, such as Taixu Cave, Taoist Priest Steles and Stone Chamber.

It is recorded in historical materials that the emperors in early Jin Dynasty highly respected and advocated Taoism. Taoism activities in Songfeng Mountain began during the reign of Emperor Xizong who had once called in the Taoist master Taiyi in Upper Capital, in A.D. 1148. After Jin Dynasty, Taoism activities here, going through Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty till today, have been active and prosperous for hundreds of years.