Shanghai International Film Festival

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Shanghai International Film Festival

The Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF 上海国际电影节), founded in 1993, is China’s only A-category international film festival accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF).

In the circumstance of globalization, China’s film industry grows rapidly. SIFF devotes itself to building up an international platform with four main programs including Competition, SIFF Mart, SIFFORUM, and International Film Panorama, in an effort to promote the industry development and enhance cooperation with the rest of the world.

Supported by the booming economy and rising international status, Chinese film has drawn attention from all over the world for its role in lifting the country’s soft power. Every June, the Shanghai International Film Festival is a must-see event for filmmakers and has established its reputation for its influence to present a multicultural film fair.


The competition section includes Golden Goblet Award and Asian New Talent Award. Film veterans are invited to serve on the jury panel. The Golden Goblet Award, as the main competition section, demonstrates SIFF’s authority and influence. The jury of the Golden Goblet Award consists of seven film celebrities from around the world. The Asian New Talent Award aims at identifying the new bright lights and encouraging their creativity.


SIFF Mart is composed of Film Market, China Film Pitch and Catch (CFPC), and Co-production Film Pitch and Catch (Co-FPC). The Film Market is the most professional film trade platform in China. Every year, it involves international producers, distributors and buyers. CFPC and Co-FPC serve as a bridge to link film projects with possible investors while at the same time playing a role in discovering new talents.

The 16th Shanghai International Film Festival.


Following the principle of “China’s Way and World’s Value”, SIFFORUM serves the whole industry and is the most important communication platform. The SIFFORUM has four parts: President Lecture, Keynote Seminar, Round Table, and Master Class. It is not only a platform but also leads the industry.

International Film Panorama

The International Film Panorama includes sections of OFFICIAL SELECTION, TRIBUTE TO MASTERS, VIEW CHINA, GLOBAL VILLAGE and SPECTRUM. The films presented in this section are diversified in style and is an opportunity to inform both the public and the media about the latest in world cinema.